Nordic programs in Middle Eastern Studies

MES programs at Lund University:
MA in Middle Eastern Studies, Lund University
The Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Lund University is offering a two-year multidisciplinary international MA program in Middle Eastern Studies. The program takes an innovative approach and provides unique opportunities to students who want to pursue a career working in or with the region.

MES programs at Stockholm University:
MA in Middle Eastern Studies, Stockholm University
The Master’s Programme in Middle Eastern Studies is a two-year interdisciplinary program that provides deepened knowledge of the languages and cultures of the Middle East and North Africa, as well as area studies as a scientific discipline.

The program has two study paths: Arabic and Area Studies.

MES programs at Oslo:
MA in Middle East Studies
Our two-year interdisciplinary MA in Middle East Studies will give you a unique opportunity to develop your competence in contemporary Middle East studies in the fields of language, politics, societies, anthropology, history and literature

Midtøsten-studier med arabisk
Vil du lære å lese arabiske aviser og følge al-Jazeeras TV-sendinger i original? Ønsker du å få direkte tilgang til nobelprisvinneren Nagîb Mahfûz’ romaner? Vil du ha en vitenskapelig fundert forståelse av det som foregår i den arabiske verden? Vite mer om Midtøstens historie, om bakgrunnene – både sosiale og politiske - til dagens konflikter, om religiøse og kulturelle tradisjoner som preger arabiske samfunn i dag? Midtøsten-studier med arabisk gir deg mulighet til dette.

MES programs at Aarhus University:
BA in Arab and Islamic Studies (taught in Danish):
Arabisk- og islamstudier handler om sprog, religion, historie, kultur, politik og samfund i den arabiske verden. Du får forståelse for det arabiske hverdagsliv, og du lærer om islam i og uden for den arabiske verden. På Arabisk- og islamstudier lærer du at læse, tale og skrive moderne standardarabisk. Du bliver ekspert i den arabiske verden, og du lærer at skabe bro mellem Danmark og den arabiske verden inden for mange områder.

MA in Arab and Islamic Studies (taught in Danish):
Islam is Denmark’s second-largest religion, something that is also true for much of Western Europe. The days are gone when it made sense to study the Arab and Islamic worlds as a distant ‘other’. Arab communities are to be found in Europe as well as in the Arab world, and Islam is a Western religion as well as an Arab one. The MA in Arab and Islamic Studies therefore focuses on today’s globalised and transnational realities, on Islam and Muslims in Europe as well as in the Arab world.

ICSRU: The ICSRU (Islamic Cultures and Societies Research Unit):
A trans-disciplinary network for all those at Aarhus University who are interested in Islamic cultures and societies, both in the Islamic world and transregionally. This means that the network also covers Islam and Muslims in the West, notably Europe and Denmark. The central mission of the network is to provide a stimulating research milieu for both senior and junior researchers by promoting discussion and exchange.

MES programs at University of Southern Denmark:
MA in Middle East Studies at the Centre for Contemporary Middle East Studies
The Centre for Contemporary Middle East Studies was established in 1983. It is an interdisciplinary research and teaching centre focusing on the modern Middle Eastern in a global perspective. The academic staff of the Centre represents different disciplinary backgrounds such as Political Science, Sociology, Geography, Islamic Studies, History and Linguistics.

MES programs at University of Copenhagen:
BA and MA in Middle Eastern Languages and Societies at the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional StudiesThe Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies (ToRS) offers a broad range of study programmes and courses at BA and MA level, the majority also as elective programmes, primarily taught in Danish.

MES programs at University of Iceland:
Middle Eastern Studies, Minor
Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Iceland aim to promote interest and understanding of the Middle East and its culture in a broad sense, as well as to provide students with a basic level of Arabic, which is the main language of the region. The courses will cover the history of Middle East from ancient times, with special emphasis on the ascent of Islam in the seventh century, the emergence of the Islamic Caliphate in the Middle Ages, and the development into the modern era. Students will be presented with a thorough overview of the history and culture of the Middle East, its literature, scholarship and arts, with an eye to shed light on the current state of affairs.

MES programs at University of Helsinki:
Bachelor's Programme in Languages (in Finnish), Bachelor's Programme in Cultural Studies (in Finnish), Master's Programme in Area and Cultural Studies (in Finnish)
Middle Eastern studies focuses on the languages and cultures of the region. Language focus includes Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish and Persian. The discipline also examines Semitic languages (Hebrew and Aramaic in particular) and Jewish studies.


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